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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Walls of Jerusalem

It was a different route in - Rinadeena Falls to Long Tarns then a trackless slog across multiple ridges towards Lake Tyre and then through Vale of Hinom and into Jaffa Gate to Dixons Kingdom.  There was rain and hail and mist and cloud and more ups then I really wanted.  But we made it.

Below Rinadeena Falls, near first camp site

Sunlight through trees

The way travelled: Mersey Crag on the left, Turana Bluff on the right

Last light on Mt Jerusalem

Minature world


Encroaching Lichen

More lichen

Myriad life forms

The back of the Walls - Wailing Wall and Solomons Throne

There was blue sky
And more
Pool of Bethesda - Not the best day for it though

Looking out at the world

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