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Monday, 16 April 2018

South Australia - Wilpena Pound

Easter at Wilpena Pound.

A new experience.  I've not camped, in a tent, in an established camping ground with or without power and facilities, before.  I did expect a crowd, and I did expect lots of families with vast numbers of children.  I did not expect 2 storey tents with large double bed size (width, length and height) blowup mattresses, a complete dining suite and lounge chairs and multi-burner barbeques.  But the pergola specifically for the swag was a step too far.

Many comments from passing small children regarding the size, or lack thereof, of my 1p tent.  And it was my largest tent too!

It was difficult to get away from the conga lines on the easier walks, or the harder walks too.  The Heysen Trail offered respite though. It was rather warm (30+), clear blue skies and generally poor for photography.  I'll have to go back.  Midweek and a nowhere near school or public holidays.  Grindells Hut might be next.

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