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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tarn Shelf Mt Field NP 25 Dec 2011

I spent a glorious day walking the Tarn Shelf Lake Webster circuit at Mt Field NP.  The day was warm and sunny - a touch of sunburn - absolutely wonderful.  Except lousy for photography.  It was slightly cloudy at the start, hence all these images are from Tarn Shelf itself.  I was too knackered and it was too bright after that.  6 and a bit hours, inc lunch and numerous rest stops on the climbs....

Above the shelf

Close up Cushion plant flowers

Cushion plant in flower

Didn't see the fly till processing

Don't know what it is
A mountain rocket - Thankyou Peter


I like this - Tarn shelf looking over the edge

Sundews in other stuff.....

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  1. Some lovely images Gaye. I know this is the wrong spot to comment on the Tarkine shots, but there are some beauties there! I particularly love the lichen macros.

    BTW - the mystery honey-eater is a New Holland honey-eater, and the Mt Field unidentified flower is a mountain rocket. Later on these flower heads turn red with fruit/ seeds,




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